Educational Information

The Trustees of Dame Laura Knight Estate are keen to assist not only Educational establishments, but also Art students, Curators of exhibitions, Authors of books and articles, Dealers, Collectors and those just generally interested in discovering and learning more about the lives and works of both Dame Laura Knight and her husband Harold Knight.

Much has been written about theses famous artists and unfortunately over the years through maybe reasons of limited available time for research because of deadlines, leading to making unsupported assumptions, errors have crept into Books, Articles Catalogues, etc. and have unfortunately now been taken as almost fact.

Continued contributions by the public will ensure the continued growth of this website and more importantly it will become fully recognised as the worldwide as the authority on the lives of the artists, as well as helping R. John Croft in his compilation of the Catalogue Raisonné.

The section on Photographs is under development and donation of further photographs are sought.

If anyone can add to the information provided, or has supportive evidence that any item of information should be changed please use our contact page.

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