Why are Laura and Harold Knights works shown on their website?

  • Educational: To assist students/ educational establishments/ collectors in their study of art, in learning about, or becoming aware of and finding out where one can see the artists’ works if held in Public Galleries/Bodies.
  • Reproduction: To identify availability of images possibly available to Printing/ Advertising/Publicity/ Product Companies seeking to reproduce works of the artists on their products.

Reproduction may be for inclusion in books; book covers/sleeves; Post cards or Greetings cards; Birthday cards; Calendars; Jigsaws; general packaging, or specific packaging e.g. for CD or record sleeves, or boxes for products; Refrigerator magnets; textile or ceramic designs, the list is limitless, but recognising the need to obtain artist copyright consent from the Estate of the Artist. (Copyright Applications)

  • Image Source: This is shown on the bottom under each work image to assist identifying  where images may be obtained for reproduction

IMAGE REPRODUCTION SOURCES are identified as between :

Public Galleries and Museums, who have the artists works in their own collections: Who have their own facilities to provide images, whilst others outsource the provision of images to Art Libraries, such as:

Bridgeman Art Library:  Shown simply on the image as ” Bridgeman” whose postal address is 17-19 Garway Road, London W2 4PH Telephone: (44) 02077 27406450/ See:  www.bridgemanimages.com


AKG Images: Shown simply as “AKG”  whose postal address is 5 Mel;bray Mews, 158 Hurlingham Road, London SW6 3NS Telephone: (44)02076 106125 See: www.akg-images.com

Other image sources include:

Private collectors: These images have been provided by private collectors to assist the website to be more representative of the range of the artists’ works. Most of the images shown with this identification are generally not available for reproduction. However on inquiry the Trustees will make inquiry to see if the collector would allow release of an image for reproduction.


The Estate of the Artist: The Estate of Dame Laura Knight DBE RA RWS has agreed with some collectors to provide images for reproduction on their behalf, in order to protect their anonymity,

Appeal to Private Collectors and Dealers to provide more images of works of the artists

Would you like to provide the Trustees of the Estate of Dame Laura Knight with images of the works of the artists for inclusion on this website to make it more representative of the artists’ works and in particular to assist students/educational establishments and others in their study of the artists’ works?

If so please submit details of work(s) you would like to be included by using our contact page. Your identity will be protected as under the work it will simply state “Private collector” under the title of the work.

Examples of Laura Knight and Harold Knight works may be seen by clicking on any one of the following:

Note: The artists’ works above whilst shown in Alphabetical order may also be viewed by Categories e.g Ballet- Theatre – Portrait by clicking the appropriate Tag on any one work.

General Note

  • The artist works shown on the website are only a representative example of works currently included in the Catalogue Raisonne.
  • The description on each work only provides details of First exhibition ( where known). Full exhibition details of the work, its Provenance, Literary references etc are only available in the Catalogue Raisonne.
  • The description given on each work has been precised for website purposes; the Catalogue Raisonne will generally gives greater detail.
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