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Literature on Dame Laura Knight DBE, RA, RWS

Autobiographies, Biographies, Articles, Works included in Books on the artist.

Limited Editions: 
1920       Twenty-one Drawings of the Russian Ballet by Laura Knight with an introduction by PG Konody,
                published by Davis & Orrioli, London
1921       Modern Paintings 1. The work of Laura Knight and Harold Knight, with forward by Ernest Halton The                 Studio, London
1923      Laura Knight: A Book of Drawings, forward by Charles Marriott and descriptive notes by John Lane, The
                Bodley Head Limited, London
1936       Oil Paint and Grease Paint, autobiography by Laura Knight, published by  Ivor Nicholson &
                Watson Ltd, London:
1943       Oil Paint and Grease Paint, autobiography by Laura Knight published by  Harmondsworth
                 Penguin Books – 3 volumes
1950       An artist’s Life by Alfred Munnings, Museum Press, London  
1962       A Proper Circus Omie, written by Laura Knight on the Circus, published by Peter Davies, London
1962       The Art of Etchings by E.S. Lumsden, Dover Publications, New York
1965       The Magic of a Line, autobiography by Laura Knight, published by William Kimber & Co. Ltd., London 
1975       Laura Knight by Janet Dunbar, published by William Collins & Co. Ltd. St James’s Place, London            
1977       British Etchers 1850 – 1940 by Kenneth M. Guichard, published by Geo Prior Company and
                 Robin Garton, Portland Oregon, USA     
1981       The First Fifty Years: British Art of the 20th Century, by Anne Kirker Wellington, National Art
                 Gallery of New Zealand   
1983       Lydia Lopokova by Milo Keynes, St Martins Press, New York
1985       Painting in Newlyn 1880 – 1930 by Caroline Fox and Francis Greenacre, Barbican Art Gallery
1988       Dame Laura Knight by Caroline Fox, Phaidon, Oxford
1988       Drawings by Dame Laura Knight, forward by Laura Wortley, with catalogue notes by Caroline Fox
1988       On with the Show: Drawings by Dame Laura Knight 1877-1970, forward by Laura Wortley,
                Catalogue notes by Caroline Fox, published by The Studio Fine Art publications  
1989       Laura Knight: Booklet prepared and issued by Nottingham City Council for a tour of exhibitions
1989       Five women painters by Teressa Grimes, Judith Collins and Oriana Badderly, Lennard
                 Publishing, Oxford
1993       The Graphic Work of Laura Knight by G Frederic Bolling and Valerie A Withington,
                  published by Scolar Press, Aldershot, Hants and Ashgate Publishing Co, Vermont USA

1995       Impressionism in Britain by Kenneth McConkey, Barbican Art Gallery, London
2001       Mirror Mirror Self Portraits by Women Artists by Liz Rideal, published by National Portrait
                Gallery Publications
2002       Under the open sky – The paintings of the Newlyn and Lamorna artists 1880 – 1940 in the
                 public collections of Cornwall and Plymouth by Catherine Wallace, published by Thuran,
                 Truro, Cornwall
2003       Ella and Charles Naper by John Branfield, published by Sansom & Company Bristol in
               association with Penlee House, Gallery and Museum, Penzance
2006       From Victorian to Modern by Pamela Gerrish Nunn, published by Philip Wilson, London
2008       Laura Knight at the Theatre by Timothy Wilcox. Published by Unicorn Press, London
2012       Laura Knight in the Open Air by Elizabeth Knowles. Published by Samson & Company, Bristol
2013       Laura Knight Portraits by Rosie Broadley. Published by the National Portrait Gallery Publications, London
2014       Laura Knight: A Life by Barbara C. Morden. Published by McNidder and Grace, Pembroke Dock


1913       The Art of Harold and Laura Knight by Norman Garstin – The Studio vol 57, pp 183-95
1932       Modern Masters of Etching: Laura Knight DBE ARA, introduced by  Michael Saloman,
                 The Studio, London
1954       An Artists experience by Dame Laura Knight – The Studio 148 pp 129-35                                    



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